Our Next Chapter: Sparrow's Nest

2015-12-31 17.09.25

In 2012 the Rwandan government developed a plan to end institutionalized care for orphans and place them in families. This plan, referred to as "reunification," involves a process of investigating each orphan’s history, identifying safe home placements with living relatives or foster families, and closing orphanages. This process is now underway at Kimisagara Orphanage.

Reunification, Kimisagara, and the Future of Imana Kids

As the government works to reunify the children and close the orphanage, our Imana Kids face a season of transition. While we fully support Rwanda's vision for reunification, we acknowledge it is a long-term process, and it cannot meet all of the children’s physical and spiritual needs overnight.

James has been faithfully praying with the kids, shepherding them to trust and find strength in God as they face an uncertain future. His discipleship is vital to our children’s wellbeing, and this is where we sense God leading us to expand the vision of Imana Kids.

Our children need a safe place to gather for counsel, prayer, and rest. They need discipleship, Bible study, and fellowship.

Our children need Sparrow’s Nest.

What is Sparrow’s Nest?

There is a home in Kigali. It sits at the base of a hill, just a stone’s throw from our children’s schools. It stands empty now, but soon it will be known as James’ place. A gathering place. A resting place.

This is Sparrow’s Nest.

Sparrow’s Nest is a safe haven for our Imana Kids. It is a place where they can receive counseling, tutoring, spiritual instruction, fellowship, and special care. It is also our home base in Rwanda, where our board members and missions teams can lodge during short-term visits.

Building Our Nest

We will soon be launching fundraisers to support this cause, including an online, alternative Christmas gift catalog. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more details about the campaign.

Also, if your church celebrates Orphan Sunday, would you consider using that opportunity to help us advocate for Imana Kids? If you live within driving distance of one of our board members, we would be happy to make a presentation, or we can provide all materials and information you would need to make one on your own. If you are interested in contributing to our cause in this way, please email us here!

Establishing Sparrow’s Nest is no small endeavor, but we are moving forward confident in God’s leading. While our road has taken many unexpected turns this year, we know none of them surprised the One who guides us. We have seen Him work clearly and powerfully through your faithful prayers.

Please continue to lift up Imana Kids and our Sparrow’s Nest. Our work is far from over!

Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, at your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God.

~Psalm 84:3