Imana Kids Today

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Over the past three years, we have worked to create long-term, sustainable solutions that empower vulnerable children in Rwanda. Below is a list of our current projects/programs.

By connecting children with sponsors who will pray for and financially support their education, we strive to foster relationships and equip the children with essential tools to establish themselves and their families in the the future. By sponsoring a child for boarding school, many of the child's basic needs are met - clean water, food, shelter, clothing. Each sponsor receives report cards, updates, and letters from their sponsored child, and has the opportunity to write letters and send small gifts in return.

The Sparrow’s nest

In October 2014 we established a safe haven where our Imana Kids can eat, sleep, and receive loving care when they are out of school, or too sick to attend. Sparrow's Nest is also a center for tutoring, counseling, and spiritual instruction for the children. Our Visiting Orphans teams (see below) visit Sparrow's Nest regularly.



Imana Kids started through a Visiting Orphans team assembled by God and led by Kara and Ryan Higgins. Our mission is that every Imana Kid knows that he/she is a child of God and that they are loved. One of the best avenues to show love is to go and be love for these children. Through Visiting Orphans, we lead teams and travel to Sparrow's Nest regularly with short-term mission teams.