Answering the Orphan's Cry

Caring for orphans is work we cannot do alone. Thankfully, we don’t have to. From Imana Kids' beginning, God has been drawing together those who share His love for these children. We have amazing partners who contribute their gifts in countless ways, and we’re thankful for every one of you. We’re also thrilled to introduce you to some of our more recent ministry partners, Willy and Sarah Jane Roberts of Orphan’s Cry.

Music with a Mission

Gifted musicians with a passion for orphans, Willy and Sarah Jane share their original music wherever God leads. Each performance is an opportunity to empower and advocate for orphans, including the spiritual orphan who has yet to understand their value in God’s eyes.

The Roberts’ message of love is more than a song. They also live it out by donating the proceeds from their music and merchandise sales to orphan care ministries. Since May, Orphan’s Cry and Imana Kids have been partners in serving the children of Kimisagara.

To help you get to know the Roberts better, here is a short interview with Willy. You can find more information about Orphan’s Cry, including videos, songs, and items for purchase, at their website, They’re also on Facebook, so stop over and say hi!

Interview with Willy Roberts of Orphan’s Cry

Alison: When did you first catch the vision for Orphan’s Cry?

Willy: Back in 2007, I was praying for an orphanage that our church supported. I felt a burden to do more. I asked the Lord what I could do, I felt Him tell me to use our music to raise money and awareness. That was the beginning vision but it wasn't until 2010 that we founded Orphan's Cry Ministries as a non-profit organization. Through the sales of our albums and merchandise, all of the proceeds are able to help orphan's around the world. It is exciting for us that when people share, purchase or support our music in anyway, that they are a part of our mission.

Alison: Has the journey been what you expected, or have there been surprises along the way?

Willy: The journey has been some of the most difficult times of our life. There have been rewarding times but most of this journey has been a total faith walk. We have had many struggles to overcome but through the last few years we have gained wisdom that we pray will benefit as we move forward.

Alison: Describe a moment or experience that affirmed your mission.

Willy: The first year totally confirmed our mission. Not long after forming the non-profit, divine appointments began to happen and shortly after I was in Haiti. Before long we were gaining support, taking a team to the orphanage we supported, and dreaming vision for the future.

Alison: What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in obeying the call to care for orphans?

Willy: Shortly after our first team trip to Haiti corruption was exposed involving the leadership of the orphanage. After many failed attempts to resolve the issues we were faced with no other option but to leave and cut off all support. It was heartbreaking and damaged the ministry as well. We lost much support and more importantly lost vision.

Alison: The needs of the orphans, both near and far, can be overwhelming. How do you battle discouragement and disillusionment as you serve?

Willy: You are exactly right. The needs can be overwhelming! We try to focus on what we CAN do. We have a saying "Do Something." We can't save every child but we can save some.

Alison: You have a new album coming out soon. Does it include a particular song or message that’s especially near and dear to your heart?

Willy: The new album is titled "Our Love Will Stay." Sarah and I have been through many trials and struggles through the last 13 years but through it all our love has not only remained but grown stronger. That's what this album represents for us.

Alison: What advice would you give to those who are eager to respond to the orphan’s cry, but aren’t sure what they have to offer?

Willy: Like I said before, "Do Something." Figure out how you can help and do it. If it's through monetary donations, or through donating time or resources. Just Do Something. I believe if we all just do a little, much will be accomplished.

Orphan's Cry's new album, Our Love Will Stay, releases in November. You can pre-order it now, or purchase their album Lead Me Home, in the Store at

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." ~Mother Teresa