Sponsorship is one way to make a difference in the world. One child matters. Sponsorship provides a vulnerable child with the necessary tools to achieve success. Sponsorships are available at four different levels - preschool/daycare, primary, secondary, and university. Additionally, opportunities to travel to Rwanda each year are available for sponsors to meet their children.




Sponsoring a child age birth to 5 years for daycare/preschool is a $50/month commitment. Sponsorship provides an accredited preschool education at one of our partner churches in Kigali, three nutritious meals per day, trained nannies/caregivers, and additional supplies for daily living.

Prayerfully consider if sponsorship is a commitment you would like to make. If so, please message us below to learn more about our kids' current needs. Thank you!

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Primary and Secondary Students

Sponsoring a child at the primary level (grades 1 to 6) will allow your sponsored child to attend Good Harvest Boarding School. Good Harvest received national recognition for their academic achievements in the 2012-2013 school year. The staff and leadership at Good Harvest is highly supportive of our children and eager to equip them for healthy living.

Secondary students (grades 7 to 12) will receive 3 nutritious meals per day, and a safe place to live, school uniforms and supplies, and an education at a secondary boarding school.

Both primary and secondary level sponsorship entail a $95/month commitment. Sponsoring an older student involves regular communication through letters and emails. Sponsors will receive their child's report cards as well.


University Students


Some of our students are old enough to pursue trade school or university education, and we regularly encounter older children in need of assistance to gain knowledge of marketable skills. If you are interested in knowing more about sponsorship at this level, please let us know.