Oliver's story


Meet Olivier,

In 2013, Olivier was around age 4 and lived at Kimisagara Orphanage. He suffered from cerebral palsy, he could not walk, talk or control his oral or facial muscles. He was not toilet trained, and although the other children would carry him from room to room, he did not have any real friends or relationships. Living at the top of a steep cliff, without access to daily nutrition, basic needs or instruction, he was just in survival mode.

You have already made a difference in Olivier's life and the lives of all our Imana Kids just like Olivier. You’ve made it possible for Imana Kids to provide basic needs, nutrition, school fees, healthcare and community for 172 other kids like Olivier in Rwanda. Your giving has provided tangible solutions to the breaking the cycle of the orphan.

Within his first month of being in school, Olivier was walking upright. By 6 weeks, he was playing futbol, had learned to tap his mouth to stop his drooling and was potty trained.
Five years later, Olivier has two best buddies and his grade card is straight As. This is what love does!

Thank you for the difference you have made for our sweet Olivier and all our Imana Kids! 

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Oliver at the far-left with his two best buddies

Oliver at the far-left with his two best buddies