Amanda's Story


Meet Miss Amanda.

Amanda is a single orphan, meaning that she does have a known living parent, but they can not or will not care for her. So Amanda found herself living within the walls of Kimisagara Orphanage in 2013, when we first met her. She occasionally showed up to public school, along with at least 70 kids in a classroom that often didn't have a teacher, let alone supplies or materials for learning. She lived on rice and beans and shared a mattress with several other girls.

Amanda’s life and the lives of more than 173 kids just like Amanda have been changed through the generosity of donors and the work of our Imana Kids community which provides education, nutrition, health, family and hope to vulnerable kids in Kigali as well as Bugesera, Rwanda.
Amanda is now in her last year of secondary school and she's at the top of her class. She's so fluent that she can deliver a joke, in English, with a straight face! Her goal is to attend college in the United States, near her sponsor parents. We believe that Amanda's dreams are realistic and we are excited to watch them unfold.

Girls like Amanda need your support. As a teenage girl, living without a guardian and on the streets, this dangers for her were indescribable before she was sponsored.In the coming weeks you’ll be hearing more about all the girls in our program, and the impact your gift can make. We hope you will consider a gift that will provide hope for a future for other children on the streets of Kigali.

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