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Rwanda’s efforts in eradicating poverty, promoting education, and overall raising the well-being of its citizens is commendable, but the journey is still long. Over the past six years, Imana Kids has worked in Rwanda, specifically Kigali and Bugesera to create long-term, sustainable solutions to help some vulnerable children attend school, have healthcare, and have three nutritious meals a day.

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How We Started

In 1994, Rwanda endured the devastating Genocide against the Tutsi, leaving behind a shattered nation and thousands of orphaned children. In June 2013, a group of volunteers visited a hidden orphanage in Kigali, witnessing the resilience of the children despite their dire circumstances. Inspired by their strength, Imana Kids was founded, dedicated to ensuring these children are never forgotten. Join us in our mission to provide hope and support to Rwanda's youngest survivors.

Take Action Today!

Sponsor a child and change a life! With your support, we provide education, food, and shelter to children in need. Get updates and letters from your sponsored child, and watch the impact of your kindness grow. Our Sparrow's Nest offers a safe place for kids to learn and grow, while Hope Village is our dream for a brighter future with a school, homes, and more. Join our Go Be Love teams on life-changing trips to Rwanda and see the difference you can make firsthand.

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