Day 3 Recap (Post by Sam Ahlers)

Higgins VO Trip Day 3
The day for me and I believe many others in the group started with contemplation and heartache of the previous days events which included a visit to the Genocide Memorial as well as our first visit to the orphanage, both which were very heart breaking and emotionally draining. With a delicious breakfast as a team we were off to spend the entire day with a group of amazing kids.
Seeing the kids and their smiling faces and love for a second time helped to alleviate the heartache and we moved right on in the loving the kids and having fun. Day two at the orphanage was one filled with numerous activities including an exercise routine, bible study, bracelet creating, and lots of maracas that creating a fun frenzy.
However I have quickly learned throughout these two visits that although the toys and activities are much appreciated by all the kids, it is our touch and love that the kids are yearning for and most appreciate.
As a team I feel as we have quickly bonded and helped make the easier for each other, I myself couldn’t have asked for a greater group of team members to go through this journey together with.
God Bless,
Sam Ahlers