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A word from the Board

Dear Sponsor, 

Thank you for your commitment to financially and prayerfully support a child of the Kimisagara district of Kigali, Rwanda.  Imana Kids was launched in July, 2013 after a group of Americans spent time working with the children and young adults of Kimisagara, one of Kigali’s poorest neighborhoods.  The orphanage the children lived in was constructed with hand made mud bricks, without clean water or electricity; nor did they have space to run and play or attend school. Although the children we worked with had very little, God (Imana) knew each of them by name.  Our desire was that we could nurture each child while giving them the tools to end the cycle of poverty in this corner of the world.

Imana Kids’ mission is that each child of Kimisagara may know that they have a heavenly Father, even if they do not have an earthly family, that each child may receive the best possible education and that their physical needs are met.  Getting each child off the streets, out of the orphanage and into school became the clearest answer to meeting this mission.

Nearly one-hundred percent of your monthly gift goes to Rwanda; paying for school fees, room/board, supplies, medical insurance and staff salary.  We currently employ James Odongo, a Rwandan pastor, as our full time director as well as three Rwandan women to assist in caring for our preschool aged children.  Our board of directors and leadership team in the United States works voluntarily.

Your Imana Kid has signed a behavior contract, stating that they will do their best work in and out of the classroom.  Besides living in an exceptional boarding school, James visits them twice weekly, leading them in bible study and fellowship.  You will receive report cards and letters at the end of each term (3x a year). There will be several opportunities to send your child letters and small gifts; you’ll be notified of the deadlines via email and social media.  Plan on Christmas and July for care packages. Additionally, our more fragile kids stay in our home, The Sparrow's Nest. The orphanage is now closed.

In addition to written communication, we covet your prayers for these children.  More than anything, they desire to be loved. They will consider you family now. We also offer an annual trip to visit sponsored children through our sister organization, GoBeLove..  Details are always provided in our newsletters and social media.

Again, thank you for joining us in response to our mandate, James 1:27:

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”


Imana Kids Board Members

Ryan Higgins, Kara Higgins, Manya Schmidt, Alison McClennon, Erick Whigham, Kayla Barsell, Paul Hakencamp, Sandy Zdan, Candy Zollicoffer, Pacis Bana

Letter Writing tips


  • Just send treats

  • Think letters aren't important

  • Send photos of “things”

  • Make unrealistic promises

  • Be afraid to have honest, personal conversations


  • Write letters about your job, family and daily life

  • Send lots of photos

  • Ask questions

  • School supplies

  • Flip-flops

  • T-shirts

  • Jewelry

  • Books

  • Personalized NIV Bibles

  • Lightweight, simple clothes for weekends

  • Hygiene items