What a Way to Welcome the New Year!

Today Ryan Higgins, our director, began his 2 day journey to Rwanda, equipped with the precious words, images and treats that each of our sponsors has sent to their child. He will spend New Years Day giving each orphan their family profile, as well as helping them write their first letter back. Each sponsored child will also be signing a Behavior Contract which we hope will set a standard for our students in the classroom and in the relationships that they will be developing.

Ryan will also be working with James in last minute details regarding school supplies and transportation. In addition, he will be problem solving with some of our headmasters. In true Imana Kids fashion, the 11th hour is upon us and there are conflicts with our S2 and S3 students and which school will best meet their needs. Some of the kids have tested very low on placement exams, and deciding where to send them to fit their academic and social needs is no easy task.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) Ryan and James will not have the time to devote to our preschool aged children. The three nannies have been hired and the initial food program is up and running. However, additional board members will work with the women later in the month regarding hygiene, first aid and nutrition, as well as identifying a structured, yet realistic routine for the little ones.

If you are sponsoring a child, watch for them on Facebook and Twitter this week! Ryan will be doing his best to capture as much video and photography of these "first" moments for each child.

Please pray for all the kids, Ryan, James and the schools that will be welcoming them on Saturday.