School Presentation!

Imana Kids gave their first school presentation today and it was a joy to be welcomed by hundreds of sweet children that were eager and excited to help their "new friends" in Rwanda. Sunrise Point Elementary in Overland Park, Kansas, invited Imana Kids to present at their pep rally and launch of a school wide reading campaign. All the staff, students and family will be reading Giant Steps to Change the World by actor Spike Lee and his wife, Tonya. The story talks about a variety of leaders, from Mother Theresa to President Obama, that started little and made a big impact.

The school is also committed to doing a fundraiser along side the reading. They will be raising funds for our nutrition program, with the hopes of providing regular fruits and veggies to the kids of Kimisagara. How cool is that? Each class will be filling "shoes" with money through the month of September. We are honored and humbled that they asked to partner with us.

In addition to the fundraising, it is a thrill to know that hundreds of children are telling the story of the street kids of Rwanda to their parents tonight.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our friends at Sunrise Point!


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