Kiwanis and Bedbugs

Did that get your attention? We have still been very busy around here. Last week we had the honor of presenting Imana Kids to a local chapter of Kiwanis. What a great group of people and a good fit for Imana Kids to partner with!

The presentation was our first "business oriented" talk, so we are were a bit anxious but left feeling that we did the children of Kimisagara justice. We are excited to see what unfolds with the local chapter.

Tickets have been purchased for two board members to travel to Kigali in late September. The board members will be on the ground for 4 full days, with each day filled to the brim with meetings. We are considering inviting some of the older children to tour the boarding schools with us; hoping that this will ease some fears/nerves and generate a lot of excitement for their future!

Bed bugs. They may be here after the Apocalypse. Challenges in first world countries at killing these nasty bugs is enormous. Then throw in TSA restrictions, clay surfaces, children and limited access to electricity. That equals a big, big problem.

We feel strongly that we can not ignore the problem because it is hindering the quality of life of some amazing young people in Kimisagara. That being said, people are good. Really good. Phone calls to local exterminators have turned into mismatched friendships and people want to help. People do care that kids on the other side of the world can't sleep at night because they are getting bit. We are grateful that God shows up everywhere. Including connecting with exterminators. Did you now that crushed chrysanthemum can kill bed bugs? Us either. It's safe to expose children to, isn't difficult to purchase and we are clearing it with TSA as well.

Our next need is some airtight mattress covers. These can be purchased at Walmart for $30 but we are hoping that asking some supply companies for help may be fruitful. In other words, fall flowers, plastic sheets and duct tape are just what we need!

September we will be launching our first newsletter. It will feature a child each month as well as any events and progress reports. Stayed tuned. PS If you live in the Omaha metro area and have a pest problem, check out these guys!

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