#GODMOVE (Part 3)

During the trip, 8 schools were visited. Three were colleges/universities and the remaining were boarding schools for primary and/or secondary.
The boarding schools all provide a clean, safe living space, three meals a day, excellent academics and clubs/sports. Some were private while others were associated with another ministry and were Christian.
The Imana Kids board will work this weekend to decide on which of these schools is the best "fit" for the children of Kimisagara. We hope to have the prices and profiles within the next 10 days.
Additionally, the de-bedbugging of the orphanage was a success. The older boys received a lesson on bedbugs; then excitedly went to work on applying the mattress covers and the diatomaceous earth. Each of them grinned ear to ear, chatted nonstop and even applied a little of the earth on their faces. One of the young women said "We may sleep too late if the bugs don't bite us." We all decided that we could get an alarm clock if needed!
The other development that took place in country is that we met 4 women from James' church who were former prostitutes. All of them are joyful and loving, working hard to leave behind their old lives. We believe that they may be the perfect women to fill the role of nanny, "Auntie" for the younger children at Kimisagara. This would employ them and provide loving care to the little ones.
Please take some time to consider sponsorship. We need commitments from our sponsors because we know it would be devastating for a child to be sent to school only to be sent back to the orphanage again because of finances. Not only are you investing financially but also emotionally. These kids are just as excited to have someone to write to and pray for, someone to call their own.
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