#GODMOVE (Part 1)

This baby is called Moses. He has been at Kimisagara since late July.
Look at the gaze that the adults that live in the orphanage are giving him. Attentive and loving. This baby makes eye contact, is on track developmentally, and clearly attached.
Although Moses' is happy, he isn't healthy. His belly is round and big, distended from malnutrition. He waddles along near the derailed hallway, a 20 foot drop just a stumble away. There are bug bites on his face and yeast in his mouth. A good bath, some regular meals and diapers would make his life a little healthier.
He is one of five new kids that have moved into Kimisagara since July. The other four are preschool aged. A set of twins and another set of siblings. There are at least 98 children and young adults that need a sponsor now. God is moving; a lot has been done to make a path. Yet the needs are so great.
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