Family Finds a Way

If you defined an orphan as “a child without a family,” most people would probably agree with you. Orphans are children (and adults) who have typically lost one or both parents and live outside a family structure. Loss of family is devastating, without question. We’re created for connection, love, and companionship. We’re created for family, and because this need was written into our DNA by a relational God, family finds a way to happen.

We see this in our Imana Kids. They are orphans, but they are not without family. They have become brothers and sisters, and their love for one another is evident in a thousand precious ways:

*The teenage boy who fetches a potty for a crying toddler, recognizing the source of her distress, and taking initiative to ease it.

*The bright eyes, warm hugs, and laughter of the high school children when they are reunited with their younger “siblings” after a term at boarding school.

*The peaceful coexistence of scores of children - babies to young adults- helping, loving, and watching over one another.

Our Imana Kids might not live with earthly parents, but they are loved by their heavenly Father, and their love for one another is evidence of His grace in a broken world. He has given them each other. And while they are together, these orphans have a family.