Hey there friends. It's been another blessed week for Imana Kids. 27 primary kids took their placement tests at Good Harvest. The railing is now complete so no more of our sweet kiddos will fall. 2 more kids have been sponsored.
We do have a few prayer requests going into the weekend:
  • The reality of orphaned children is painful. Many of our older children are testing very, very low. James is struggling with where to place them in school. No 10 year old wants to be in a class of 5 year olds. This will also be difficult for the children and their future teachers (although the teachers are accustomed to this).
  • James is overwhelmed. He has requested help in placing all the children. Getting 93 kids tested and to the correct school is a really big job. We have offered to hire staff to assist him but we are also concerned that we want him to feel that we support him. There are many expectations for this upcoming month and we don't want him to feel alone or pressured. If it were not so expensive, all of us would hop on a plane to assist him. Yet we also know that one plane ticket is the equivalent of 50 mattresses. We are coveting your prayers this weekend that we make wise choices regarding support for James and how we use our limited funds.
  • Next Saturday there will be more than 20 kids and young adults getting baptized. James has been leading a bible study several days a week at the orphanage and every day more kids are accepting Christ. This is amazing! This is their salvation. Forever and ever. This is also a (good)burden on James. He requests that we all pray that he can lead them well and that their faith may blossom. As a board, our first desire is that each child know God intimately as their father.
  • For the board. Each of us is overwhelmed with joy in this advent season that our dreams for the kids of Kimisagara are becoming a reality. We miss them all dearly and we want James to feel confident, supported and in community with us. We don't know if we should spend the money and send someone to support him, to seek other staff in Rwanda or to just keep encouraging him from here. Thank you for your prayers, for loving the kids and for supporting us in more ways than we could imagine!