5 Reasons Not to Sponsor an Orphan

  1. "There are already so many needy children here."

You're right. There are indeed needy children in every corner of our country. If you feel that way, our prayer is that you are doing something about those children in need. Mentor through a community organization or donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs. Imana Kids is for all that but our focus is a little more specific than needy kids. These kids also happen to be orphans. Our goal, as a family of Christians, is to answer the mandate of James 1:27; that we are called to care for widows and orphans in their times of distress.

  1. "There are already so many sponsorship programs in "third world" countries. Why don't you join them?"

Again, you are right. Many great, well known organizations have existed for a long time to provide children all over the world with education. Those groups are in Rwanda too. But they aren't at Kimisagara, they do not serve widows and they do not have opportunities to support orphanages. We exist to support Kimisagara street kids and orphans as well as the young men, women and orphans that call this special place home.

  1. "Won't sponsoring a child make them dependent on Americans?"

Children receiving sponsorship through Imana Kids are not getting a "free ride" (Although, would that be so awful?). The children of Kimisagara have either been abandoned by their birth families, kicked out a foster home (not for behavior but for lack of resources) or moved to Kimisagara because their previous orphanage has closed.

Sponsorship provides these kids with boarding school: three meals a day, supplies, tuition, supervision, spiritual and academic guidance. Imana Kids students have signed a contract outlining both academic and behavioral expectations. The students know that they must work hard to achieve their academic goals and to continue their education.

Dr. Bruce Wydick of UCSF found that sponsored children in six different countries were 50-80% more likely to attend college, stayed in school 1.5-2 yrs longer than non-sponsored kids, as adults were 35% more likely to have a white collar job and were 30-75% more likely to be in leadership roles in their communities (Wydick, Journal of Political Economy. 2013.)

  1. "I don't like not seeing where my money goes."

With Imana Kids, you can see where your money goes. Actually, we want you to. Firsthand. Our sponsored children will communicate regularly with you, you receive updates and report cards and we provide trips to Rwanda to meet and spend time with your sponsored child. We partner with Visiting Orphans to take people to the Land of a Thousand Hills so that others may be shaped and changed to love orphans and widows well.

  1. " I can't afford it."

For some of us, this may very well be true. However, we believe that if you truly desire to follow God's word, then tithing (10%) and giving each month is an amazing way to experience God's goodness and grace. It does take a leap of faith! For all of us, when we give more than we believe we can "handle," God continues to provide for our needs-and even beyond.Pray about it....and don't be afraid. Please email us if, tweet us or reach out to someone else that sponsors a child. It will change your world as much as it will change theirs.

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