Gala reflections, meeting contractors and more...

April 2019 News & Happenings

A few highlights:



The above logo is new and improved, with a lot of thought and meaning behind it,thanks to Leah Seydel, our very own graphic designer/marketing extraordinaire. The colors and sunshine incorporate the Rwandan flag, while the waves represent the "land of a thousand hills."

"As an organization this year, we needed to step up our game, and to do that we thought we may as well add in a brand refresh. There wasn't anything wrong with our old logo at all, but the trend would say it was time for use to switch things up! The inspiration for the refresh was honoring what Imana Kids had started with, since there was 5 years of brand recognition established. I didn’t want to do something totally new and random, just wanted to clean up the look. The first thing I did was choose new typography. I wanted something that showed we were growing up, cleaning up, but also not taking ourselves too seriously. Then I went on to the graphic and began sketching out what it could look like to keep the idea of the flag and its stripes and colors, but combine it with the hills that are so iconically and beautifully Rwandan. And here is what I came up with. I loved the lightness and freshness, but felt too light for some ;) and so we landed with what you see here as the final version. I am praying this serves us well for this next stage in our ministry." Designer, Leah Seydel



With 92 new attendees, inspiring speakers, amazing art and all new experiences for everyone involved. Special thanks to our volunteers, the theater and tech students from ALHS High School for designing an experience hallway and to all those who donated in our silent auction. As of April 1, the total raised is $16.686.74. We are grateful for every gift! This is a smaller number than in the past, so we'll be back to planning and evaluating as we move forward to raise funds for the Hope Village.

New friends and old enjoyed Ismail's story of healing, forgiveness and hope, were able to bid on silent auction items, purchased art made by our students, enjoyed a photo booth in our experience hall and dined on cuisine in the gallery setting. 
Thank you for your continued support of our students, our staff and our vision. We consider each sponsor, donor and partner to be our "family."


  • ALLEY POYNER MACCHIETTO joined our team in country to assess our land, meet with engineers and contractors and get to know our program and students. We are excited for their wisdom, insight and service as we continue moving forward in the upcoming months.

  • CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY may not be the best fit for Ismail as he enters his sophomore year of college. He is thriving academically and has built meaningful relationships, but there have been various barriers and challenges with the funding and scholarships. He's applied at a few other local universities and transferring his visa isn't a problem. Please pray for wisdom, finances and peace in this situation. We are so very proud of him, his attitude and his flexibility; all of us are confident that Ismail will be where he is meant to be by August!

  • SCHEDULE A MEETING! Our board of directors continues to meet with potential corporate sponsors and individuals looking to sponsor a classroom. We'd love to come visit with you! Reach out and let's go!

  • STAY CONNECTED. We are troubleshooting in keeping our sponsors updated. Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Additionally, add us to your email address book too, so we don't end up in a Promotions or Spam folder!

  • Engineering students at Abe Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, are working on some of the elements of our Hope Village, in partnership with our architects. One project is developing hydroponic gardening. They've built mini versions, including live fish, in the classroom! 



Sweet Kevine just happened to be carrying a photo of her sponsor brother in her backpack when we recently visited her at Good Harvest Primary! Kevine is sponsored by Isaac and Miriam Grant, of Omaha, Nebraska. The Grant family has supported her since she was a wee one in preschool. Kevine told us that she loves having "little brothers" and before she goes to bed at night, she reads her letters and prays for them. Kevine loves jump roping, art and all things girly. 

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